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NYS Bar Exam Applications and Forms

Below is a list of forms provided by the NYS Board of Law Examiners. Our goal is to provide all agency forms on-line. However, not all forms are available at this time. Forms which are available in PDF format can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon in the right hand column.

Document Description  
Administrative Accommodation Request Form Complete this form to make a special request pertaining to the bar exam, including the need to bring an item into the exam room that is not permitted under the Security Policy, the need for special seating, etc. download

Administrative Accommodation Form For Lactating Individuals

Administrative Accommodation Request Form For Lactating Individuals download
Instructions for Juris Doctor Applicants for Completion of Questions on Bar Exam Application NEW Instructions for Juris Doctor Applicants for Completion of Questions on Bar Exam Application  Download
Test Accommodations Handbook and Forms ADA Handbook  Download
Test Accommodations Application NEW ADA Application  Download
Test Accommodations Re- Application NEW ADA Re-Application  Download
Law Office Study Certificate of Commencement of Clerkship, Applicant's Affidavit and Attorney's Affirmation  Download
Admission on Motion COA Certificate of Attendence Form  Download
MBE Score Transfer Form I Complete this form to transfer MBE scores earned in NY to another jurisdiction  Download
MPRE Transfer Form (Archived) Complete this form to transfer an archived MPRE score to another jurisdiction.  Download
Evaluation of Foreign Academic Credentials Evaluation of foreign academic credentials  Link
LLM Certificate of Attendance Form Complete this paper version if you seek to transfer a UBE score to NY (NOTE: An electronic version of this form will be required upon application to sit in New York and therefore most applicants can and will complete the electronic version of this form). download